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Model Railways

June 2016

There are little changes throughout the month as can be seen with this set of photographs, but you may have to look closely to see them.




I couldn't find a ready made or kit suitable for the village car repairs workshop, so in the interim I have made one.  I will keep looking and hopefully I will find one. 



The shelters on the station platform are station yard huts, made from kits.  I picked up a set in mistake for a coal office and rather than take them back I built them without the fronts, added a base and some benches to use on the platform.



The walls around the garage have been painted white to represent a rough cement finish.



In this picture I have removed all the greenery from the hill to the right to make changes to it.



I am preparing it for a lock keeper's cottage.


You may have noticed that cottage was originally to the left front of the layout, I was  going to use it as a country cottage, again if I find a better 'lock keeper's cottage I will replace it and put it back.  

It is overhanging the edge but when the extension is added along the front for the canal it will be fine and this where the lock will be.