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Along the Whiston Incline



This Article is:

a collection of photographs covering a short stretch of the Liverpool to Manchester railway line starting at Whiston along the Whiston Incline to Rainhill station.

With additional sections for the Locomotive Trials Exhibition in Rainhill and also the Huskinson Memorial, Parkside.


An early print by T.T. Bury, published in 1831 by R Ackermann.


These photographs were taken from the footbridge that crosses the line between Platt’s Bridge, Pottery Lane and Ropers Bridge Dragon Lane, looking towards Roper’s Bridge, in the direction of Rainhill (Liverpool to Manchester.


Ropers Bridge 

A delivery of coal on its way to Fiddlers Ferry Power Station.


From the same footbridge, looking towards Platt’s Bridge, Pottery Lane in the direction of Huyton with Roby. (Manchester to Liverpool)