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Updated - My Last Aquarium, to go (Eventually) – Reprieve

You may have read my article My Last Aquarium, to go (Eventually) published on 6th April 2016.  At that time I had 6 clown loach, 2 harlequins and 2 mountain minnows, and was thinking about not getting any more fish.

In January (2017), the only surviving fish left were, 1 Harlequin, 1 mountain minnow and 4 clown loach, so, I started to think about getting rid of the aquarium, decisions had to be made. 



On Thursday 5th January I decided to get some more fish, and so on Friday 6th, I bought 6 mollies and 6 tiger barbs with a few more plants, so now there are 18 fish, not a lot but enough to see some activity and the tiger barbs and mollies will grow bigger and possibly breed. 



Mollies, tiger barbs and a clown loach also known as tiger botia. If you are troubled with snails in your tank clown loach will eat them for you.


The tiger barbs on the left with a posing clown loach on the right but I couldn't get it to smile.  The other loaches are inside the logs.


On the left the sole surviving harlequin with four mollies, five tiger barbs and hiding behind the plants is a clown loach.


Four mollies and six tiger barbs. 


Tiger barbs 




Tiger barbs. 


Mollies and tiger barbs. 


Mollies top and left, tiger barbs on the right.  At the bottom a tiger barb is eating a blood worm. The minnow just coming into picture on the far right.


Here you can see the tiger barbs feeding on the blood worms.



The surviving mountain minnow.

I have just noticed that there are 7 mollies, even though I only paid for 6 so that makes the total number of fish in the tank 19, not 18.

So how long is the reprieve for?


Published 09/01/2017


Updated 19/01/2017

Today I bought another 4 mollies, 3 black and another multi coloured one.


One of the clown loach feasting on bloodworms.


Two of the black mollies .


To finish with a variety.


I have decided that this aquarium is here to stay for quite a while yet.