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January 2017 - Making Progress With The Lock


The canal extension is now permanently attached to the main layout, making the overall size of the layout 48 inches (121.92 cm) x 37 inches (93.98 cm)

This is the start of building the locks and surrounding areas.  The block of wood in the centre of the lock will be the water level when completed.



The three water levels are now in place with progress on the banks. 


By way of a change 'The Shredded Wheat' train passes the lock... 


...and arrives at the station.


Various views of the canal with some trees planted on the banks.


Various views with part of the canal in view showing 





I am undecided yet whether or not to put a canal hump back bridge, or a swing bridge manually operated as seen on many canals, but that is for later.



More work still to be done on the banks and around the layout generally but, I am still not happy with the water effect.Frown


Continued here:- February 2017