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Around My Aquariums

The following photographs are of some of the fish that I have had in my tanks over the years.  I have had more variety than these but unfortunately I haven't pictures of them all.

There are three main type of indoor tanks:

Temperate (or cold water), room temperature without a heater,

Tropical & Marine, these do require a heater.

I did toy with the idea of a marine tank, but it proved to expensive for me.

There are may types of heaters available depending on your needs and so I advise you to do some research before buying, if you are new to the hobby.  Your supplier will advise with regards to the right fish etc. for yout tank.

I find it very difficult to get the fish to pose for me and so I apologies in advance for the poor quality of some of the pictures


Firstly this  was my temperate tank, the basket in the water is to isolate a fish that needed treatment.

In the tank the fish are all goldfish varieties. 


Another fish for the temperate tank is the Chinese Hillstream Loach, sold with various names, Hong Kong pleco, butterfly fish, hillstream loach, and Chinese sucker fish.   



When I bought my original ones they were sold to me as tropical, hence being in the same tank as other tropical fish, my later ones were however bought as, and kept in a temperate tank.


This is the hiding place for one of my tropical types. all will be revealed later.