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February 2017


I am now making progress with the canal and lock and as you view this article, you should see other changes. Some quite obvious and others very subtle.






Page 1: Continuing Work On The Canal and Lock

This first page shows the continuing development of the canal and lock.  I did say in January (2017) that I wasn't happy with the water effect, well, as you can see I stripped it back to the bare wood.


Showing the pedestrian swing bridge, it can be operated either manually or with the windlass (lock key).




Here I have given a couple of coats of gloss yacht varnish to the canal.


Foxshaw Lock.





The canal and lock finished, but I need more trees, shrubbery and plants along the canal banks.  Still not sure about the water though.

Please ignore the piece of balsa lying across the track. 




Page 2: The Cottages

The Thatched Lock Keeper's Cottage.






The Church Cottage.


.......and with the Railway Crossing Keeper's Cottage 



 Page 3 : The Canalside Farm Shop and Cottage

As you will have noticed in the earlier photographs I have added a canalside shop and so, I stripped this corner of the layout for it.


I have fitted a temporary pedestrian swing bridge.



The permanent swing bridge is now fitted.




The current track layout.


As you will have noticed looking at this set of photographs there is still a lot to do so....

  Continued Here:  Trees, Boats and other Things


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