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Stadt Moers (Country) Park, Lancashire

Stadt Moers Park covers more than 220 acres in Whiston and Huyton with, meadow, woodland and pond habitats, with a network of footpaths and tracks. The area had a long history of coal mining, before Tushingham's Brickworks was built in the 1890s. By 1976 the works were derelict and much of today's park was used as a landfill site for domestic refuse.

In the early 1980’s the Groundwork Trust and Knowsley Council created Stadt Moers Park, naming it after Knowsley’s Twin town of Moers in Germany.

The Park is divided into four 'areas' by the Liverpool to Manchester Railway and M57 Motorway.

1 - Pluckington, 2 - Pottery Fields, 3 - Wet View and 4 - Tushingham.


(This is a large album)

Before we go to the photographs a little background about the park areas.

Pluckington is a small area, covering approximately 22acres. It is mainly grassland with a small pond and small marsh area. It is also the home of Stadt Moers Allotments.

Pottery Field is a larger area, covering approximately 72 acres. It is mainly amenity grassland with young wooded areas planted across the site. There is also a playground area although must smaller than West View.

West View West View is also a smaller area, covering approximately 34 acres. This is a relaxing area of amenity grassland with pockets of young woodland. It has a children's playground area..

Tushingham is the largest area, covering approximately 92 acres. It is maintained as a nature area with a large pond, undulating land, grassland, marsh areas, and pocket of woodland. A flat tarmac path leads to the pond from the main entrance car park so has relatively good access for the less mobile. The more adventurous can go explore the countryside and discover the abundant bird life here. There are also some information boards dotted around .


I start my walks from either Fallows Way or Halsnead Avenue gates, I also finish with the same gates, This is Fallows Way on a wet morning, this entrance joins the park with the pond on the right.

A piece of railway history, the Seel & Willis Branch Line once carried coal from the local mines and later Tushingham's Brick Works to the main rail line to Liverpool and Manchester.


This is Halsnead Avenue gate, a short walk from the pond.