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Elevated Garden Railway Part 1 - 2019

2018: For quite some time for varying reasons I had not been able to cut the grass, weeds and grass doing what they do, had completely taken over the garden hiding any signs of track. On the 10th October 2018 I decided that with it being such a nice day I would venture out and cut the grass.

All was going well until my hover mower started jumping around and making a horrible grinding sound, yes you've guessed it, some of the track had been damaged. On the bright side the blade being made of hardened steel was undamaged.

Chris my son visits me after work on Wednesdays  and after discussion he suggested waiting until spring 2019 and raising the track to make things easier for me. We were not sure how we were going to do it, but I will need to take the rest of the track up in the meantime.



Before the 'OOPS' moment. work was still ongoing.



The state of the garden when I attempted to cut the grass. 

Top left shows the damaged track, bottom right highlights where the track was damaged.  The rest of the track is still somewhere under the grass and plants.  


The track has been lifted, I then replaced some loosely on the grass painting around it to give me a rough idea for the position of a basic shape for the elevated track.


Trench for the new base.


  Final simpler shape for the track.


I had dug the trench too deep so I had to refill  some of it and the rain had washed away my markings.  As usual Chris comes to the rescue. 

The track laid again for Chris to spray paint the outline.


It was decided to use two tiers of cement blocks to put the track on





Adding the second tier of blocks.