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The Garden Railway - 2021 (Part 1)

The winter months again were not very productive but come April once again progress was made. 

Chris finally manged to lay the track in May, hoorah I can now play trains again in the garden.





This is where we left off in October 2020.  


As you can see the track is very loosely placed as a guide,


I was once asked whose railway is it, mine or Chris's because he appears to all the work.  I have to agree Chris does do a lot of the work, not only on this but also on my other layouts, but I do some work, honest. 


Having said that, Chris is here again screwing the track down, applying 'Electralube' (graphite grease) in the joints, messy stuff, and replacing fish plates (rail joiners) where needed.  Some of the track curves and straights have to be cut to fit, you may not have noticed but the base is not symmetrical.


Finished - Well done Chris.


A close up of the bridge.


Unfortunately I don't have any photographs of the Aristo Craft 'wings' that I used in situ, this is one I found on the internet.


I have just taken this photograph of the what's left over and as you can see they are blank on the inside and I wanted a brick effect inside and out. This is where Chris came to the rescue again.  He cut both wings in half from top to bottom.  He then cut 4 panel to size and also cut the capping stones individually. My little bit was to glue the 4 panels together in pairs making two walls with brick effect on both sides and to add the capping stones. 



The bridge over the gap, is currently fastened down, but when finished the track at both sides will be cut so that I can lift the bridge off completely when I need to cut the grass.


Erm, when I ran the largest of my locos, an LGB 2085D Mallet it got stuck in the bridge as it turned the corner so I had to remove the bridge and add another layer on the bottom, and then refit it outside the track base as you can see.


Around the locks.





The final picture of this update showing the 'Upper Cut' tunnel portal and canal edges painted.


The Garden Railway - 2021 (Part 2)  HERE or click the image










Published 31/07/2021