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Garden Works 2022 - 01 (Updated)

Since my last article on the garden railway in November 2021 there have been quite a few changes, so much so I didn't really know whether to publish small articles in different sections of FGO. The only problem with doing this is that the work overlaps the various sections and it would have meant multiple cross overs in the articles

My solution was to create another menu item 'In The Garden’ This will take in, the garden, the pond and general garden railway items during these works.

This first picture was the last one posted in November last year, 2021. Nothing has visibly changed to the railway up to January.


January 2022


The first job in this update was for Chris to wire RGB strip lights into the top of spoke bridge. This an image of one of the 5 units used.



Here you can see how Chris has fitted the units inside the top of the cross bars on the bridge. More work on the bridge in February.






Enter more of Robert's handy work, a piece of flexible conduit tunnelled under the railway base.



A better picture showing the conduit.



Just a kitchen cupboard, yes but a very important one.



It houses top left the LGB MTS Central Control Station and to the right the transformer that delivers the power direct to the track. Below the shelf are the on/off switches for the external sockets marked P and the track marked T.


In the picture the flap has been dropped down to show on the left the RCD and a jumble of cables. In part 2 there will be significant changes in the cupboard.