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G scale oddity

On 25.01.2007 I won the bid on e-bay to buy a loco and tender as shown in the first picture, an LGB 91672 tender and an LGB 20040 'snowplow' with both blades although one is not attached, and also a Bachmann Porter body shell. The 'snowplow' was and still is in excellent running order.  Something for the youngsters to play with instead of my other garden locos.





I was wondering what the side panes would look like in green. 

As you can see from time to time I have cut bits off the body mostly just for fun, but strange as it may seem there is something I like about this oddity of a loco. 

I gave it the temporary name of ‘Snowy’ simply because it is a snowplow. 


Some more minor changes, 

The body has never been attached properly so it had to be attached securely and level.



Poor old Snowy needed a face lift and a name change, so here it with a new dark green livery.



Body fixed securely, I already had a pair of name plates that I had ordered another loco and never fitted them, that loco has since been sold.  Snowy is now officially Arthur the snowplough.



I know that it is truly an oddity, but I like it, I think that it's also a novelty, even though the paint job leaves a lot to be desired.


See Snowy at work :  Here


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Published: 18/03/2023