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Canals, & Waterways

Winter On The Cut

Some of the Boats and Canals Forum member's own 2010 winter photographs taken on and around the English canals, and posted in our Photograph's sections.

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Sailing Ships On The High Seas

A slideshow of sailing ships with the music of Gilbert & Sullivan's HMS Pinafore.

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On Our Inland Waterways

A further selection of photographs from the Boats and Canals forum, with a little bit of added humour.

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Winter On Our Waterways

A selection of photographs of the canals taken during December 2009 and January 2010, courtesy of the Members of the Boats and Canals Forum.

During the cold winter months nature paints some very pretty pictures on the canals for us. I never tire of them.

photographs taken by members of the Boats and Canals Forum.

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Winter Landscapes On The Waterways

Winter on the canals, pictures provided by members of the Boats and Canals Forum.

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