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My Garden Pond & Aquariums

The End Of My Aquariums

My last remaining tank was the largest at 4 foot, and for quite a while I have only had a solitary clown loach in it.  Today I was about to give the tank it's scheduled water change etc. which included replacing the filter media and noticed that the last remaining fish had died overnight.      I have just had a delivery of 6 months filter media that won't be needed now. 


ICE - Garden Pond Advice

You must not let your pond freeze over for very long, otherwise dangerous gasses could build up to the detriment of your fish.

DO NOT break the ice by hammering on it, the shock could stress and even kill your fish, instead just pour cold or slightly warm water over it. Hot water could kill any fish that just happen to be nearby.


Around My Aquariums

The following photographs are of some of the fish that I have had in my tanks over the years.  I have had more variety than these but unfortunately I haven't pictures of them all.


Updated - My Last Aquarium, to go (Eventually) – Reprieve

You may have read my article My Last Aquarium, to go (Eventually) published on 6th April 2016.  At that time I had 6 clown loach, 2 harlequins and 2 mountain minnows, and was thinking about not getting any more fish.

In January (2017), the only surviving fish left were, 1 Harlequin, 1 mountain minnow and 4 clown loach, so, I started to think about getting rid of the aquarium, decisions had to be made. 




My Last Aquarium, to go (Eventually)

Having just given my 4 foot tank its fortnightly water change and general maintenance, it doesn't seem as easy as it used to be and I also have to persuade myself to do it these days.