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A Hard Decision To Make

After many years of keeping fish in my pond and also at one time 4 aquariums, I decided a while ago that I would get rid of all my aquariums, by not replacing the fish when they died see The End Of My Aquariums.  I also decided that I wouldn't replace any pond fish either. Until this afternoon I still had 14 in my pond when a friend came and took them for his own pond. 

I don't have any fish now, it's not that I don't really want them, it was a hard decision to make, but maintenance is getting difficult for me .

The pond won't be filled in, I will keep the pump and the UV  clarifier running and hopefully it will attract  some natural wildlife.



Published 18/02/2022




ICE - Garden Pond Advice

You must not let your pond freeze over for very long, otherwise dangerous gasses could build up to the detriment of your fish.

DO NOT break the ice by hammering on it, the shock could stress and even kill your fish, instead just pour cold or slightly warm water over it. Hot water could kill any fish that just happen to be nearby.


Poor Heron, it must be starving!

A Heron Fishing in my Pond

There had been a very heavy snowfall and I had put additional supports under the nets to take the weight of the snow and ice on them.

Watch the video:

The Bridge

The basic pond is now finished but a bridge is needed. We started with a temporary crossing until we had a proper bridge.


The Saga of THE BRIDGE

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