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My Garden Pond & Aquariums

So You Want Pet Fish

The Basics:

Don’t get to ambitious and take your time setting up your tank and you will find that your patience will pay off.



Anubias barteri , also known as Anubius or Anubias barteri,

Underwater Flowering Plant

Keeping Gravel Clean Is Important

Do you want your fish swimming in poison, of course not, keeping gravel clean is just as essential in the maintenance of an aquarium as are the partial water changes, cleaning the filters and water testing.

So how do you avoid it?


Poor Heron, it must be starving!

A Heron Fishing in my Pond

There had been a very heavy snowfall and I had put additional supports under the nets to take the weight of the snow and ice on them.

Watch the video:

The Bridge

The basic pond is now finished but a bridge is needed. We started with a temporary crossing until we had a proper bridge.


The Saga of THE BRIDGE