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Gauge" and "scale" are used interchangeably in the hobby; however, this is not correct terminology. "Scale" refers to the size of the model but "gauge" is the width between the insides of the track rails.  For the sake of clarity I refer to the layouts with their scale names, not gauges.

OO & 009/HOe Layout 

Originally called the Train Room Layout, it is OO scale 1:76, gauge 16.50mm. This layout, unlike the G and Z doesn't have running water, although there is a possibility that I might change this at a later date. 

An addition to the main layout is the Amusement Park with a narrow gauge railway, using rolling stock in HOe scale 1:87 and OO9 scale 1:76, the track is 9 mm gauge.    

Also included is a guest's layout 'Les's Steam Junction' 

N Layout

In the UK, N is 1:148 scale but in the USA, Europe and Japan the scale used there is usually 1:160, but they all use  9mm gauge track. 

Z Layout

The smallest of my layouts has a scale of 1:220 and a gauge of 6.50mm, with a stream with running water flowing down from the mountains in a never ending cycle.

Garden Railway

G, scale 1:22.50, gauge 45mm, this is my garden layout with a canal and locks, featuring running water. There is also a pond in the garden but this has its own section.

General Topics

This section is for articles that include multiple scales and gauges, and also articles that are not scale specific.   

Guest Layout

Steam Junction. A colliery based layout in OO scale.


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