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Bolton Abbey Estate

Bolton Abbey is an estate in Wharfedale in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales on the banks of the River Wharfe and takes its name from the ruins of the 12th-century Augustinian monastery generally known as Bolton Priory. It sits within the landscape of the Yorkshire Dales, adjacent to the village of Bolton Abbey.


Hollingworth Lake

Is a reservoir in Littleborough, Lancashire, England

In 1794, an Act of Parliament sanctioned the construction of the Rochdale Canal. Hollingworth Lake with its three earth dams was a main feeder source completed in 1800, four years before the canal. When first constructed, it was capable of holding 400 million gallons of water. Not being a natural hollow the site was not a natural choice for a reservoir. Three large earth embankments were built to enclose the reservoir, Hollingworth Bank, Fens Bank and Shaw Moss Bank.


Tatton Mere - Tatton Park (Cheshire)

Tatton Park is an historic estate located in 1,000 acres Cheshire, England, to the north of the town of Knutsford. It is the former home to the Egerton family. 


Burrs Country Park (Bury)

In 1792 the well established group of entrepreneurs, Peel, Howarth and Yates built a water powered spinning mill at Burrs  along with a manager's house, smithy, workers' cottages and ash pit. 

Higher Woodhill Mill was built at the same time for Richard Calrow who was also engaged in the processing of cotton. Initially the mills were powered by water from the river Irwell and a weir and canal were constructed to carry water to the mills.  


Pennington Flash (Leigh)

Early in the 20th century due to mining in various areas subsidence and flooding created what has now become known as the "Flash".  There is such a Flash located just off St Helens Road in the Lancashire  town of Leigh and the large lake is the centrepiece of a very beautiful country park.